Brief description

In our city there is an urgent need in creation of conditions for the physical development of the younger generation and the promotion of healthy lifestyle. Due to unfavorable environmental situation, leading a passive way of living and having bad habits, the level of youth’s health is poor today. That is why the idea of creating work out grounds appeared thus, it can be an effective way to solve these problems, because sport improves physical well-being, expanding interests and strengthens the spirit.

In 2014 PU "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution" took part at the competition of social projects “The city made by our own efforts” initiated by Metinvest  and received funding for the construction of 3 sports grounds in the city (2 ones in Ternivskyi and 1 in the Zhovtnevyi district) .

The Project goal is construction of a network of workout sport grounds in different districts of Kryvyi Rih.

Objectives of the Project:

- Involving children and adults into leading a healthy lifestyle;
- The development of a new sport - workout;
- Promotion of physical culture and sports;
- Improvement of sports image of the city;
- Association of active young people;
- Organization of youth leisure on the basis of sports and healthy lifestyle.

Expected Results:

- City residents will have respective conditions to practice street workout sports;
- Background for the development of sports infrastructure in the city will be created;
- The level of health of the younger generation will improve and more children and teens will join a healthy lifestyle;
- Improvement of sports image of Kryvyi Rih, positioning of the city as one following the European trends, namely the promotion of sport and a healthy lifestyle.