The Public Utility «Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution» takes an active part in the developing project applications for the participation in the international grant competitions.


For the six-year period, Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution has made more over 50 project applications, which has sent to various international funds and institutions.



How the results of the participation in the competitions, the Institution has got the finding for the implementation of six projects:

    • Construction of the workout playground for the trainings 

      Description of the Project:

      In our city there is a requirement to create places for the physical development of the young generation and to promote a healthy lifestyle. How a result of the unfavorable environmental situation, passive lifestyle and the presence of bad habits, the health of modern youth low level. That is why there was an idea of creating sites for workout trainings as an effective way to solve this problem, because sport improves the physical condition of every person, broadens the range of interests and strengthens the spirit.

      The purpose of the project is to build playgrounds to workout in different parts of the city Kryvyi Rih.

      Project objectives:

      - the involving children and adults in a healthy way of life;

      - the development of a new kind of sport - workout;

      - the promotion of physical culture and sport;

      - the improvement of the sports image of the city;

      - the association of active youth;

      - the organization of youth leisure on the basis of sport and healthy lifestyle.


      - the inhabitants of the city got the proper conditions for street workout in two districts of the city;

      - the sporty image of Kryvyi Rih improved as a city that follows European tendencies and supports the promotion of sport and healthy lifestyle.

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    • Festival of the Contemporary Art "SPLAV"

      In March 2015, «Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution» took a part in the grants competition by the General Consulate of Germany in Ukraine under the program «Strengthening cooperation between the countries of the Eastern Partnership» and received funding for the project «Kryvyi Rih Contemporary Art Fest» in the framework of the German Weeks in Ukraine in the amount of EUR 15 000.

      The purpose of the project is to popularize the types of contemporary art, attract gifted youth and residents of the city to the creative activity.

      The implementation of the project involves holding a two-day contemporary art festival in Kryvyi Rih on October from 2-d to 3-d, in 2015 in the «Art-Maydan» square (near the Taras Shevchenko Theatre). In the framework of the event will be a demonstration of types of modern art (pop art, op-art, installation, photography, collage, decolletage, hyperrealism, abstraction, expressionism, postmodern), «online art» (the creation of art works by the artist in real time in the presence of spectators – the portrait, graffiti, aerography) by the first day; master classes and a night show, demonstration of the types of «art of the motion»: performance, anti-theatre, heppening, video art, short-range arthouse show and kammerspiel films at night-time.

      The format of the festival is not restricted only by the performances of invited artists; spontaneous participation of everyone is encouraged. Cultural education objective of art festival is to familiarize the population with «live» modern art, to plunge into art in the «online» mode, feel oneself as a creator «here and now», to experiment freely.

      Expected results of the project:

      -  has been raised the level of awareness of the population on the forms and content of contemporary art;

      - has been attracted to the beautiful and active expression of the means of art;

      - has been improved the cultural image of the city.

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    • Creation favorable conditions for disabled children in PU "Center for Social Rehabilitation of  Disabled Children in Kryvyi Rih"

      In March 2015, «Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution» took a part in the grants competition by the General Consulate of Germany in Ukraine under the program «Strengthening cooperation between the countries of the Eastern Partnership» and received funding for the project «Creating favorable conditions for staying children with disabilities in PU «Social Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children in Kryvyi Rih» in the amount of EUR 9200.

      The purpose of the project is to improve the conditions of staying children with disabilities in the rehabilitation center by replacing the old wooden windows with new metal-plastic ones, which will also allow the energy saving of the rooms and improve its temperature regime. The implementation of the project is scheduled from August to December in 2015.

      The project is particularly relevant, because it concerns the health of a particularly vulnerable group of people - children with disabilities. Today more than fifty children with disabilities receive daily social rehabilitation services at the Center of Social Rehabilitation of children with disabilities in Kryvyi Rih. Rehabilitation care services are provided to children with a status of disabled children with a stricken central nervous system and infantile cerebral palsy from the birth up to 14 years old, who lives in the city Kryvyi Rih.

      The building in which the rehabilitation center is located can’t provide adequate conditions for patients, because it has unsatisfactory condition of the windows on each floor (the old condition, slits, cracks and deformation of the window frames) and inappropriate temperature regime.

      Expected results of the project:

      - the establishment of proper sanitary and hygienic standards of patients' staying in the rehabilitation center;

      - the increasing energy efficiency of the building and reducing the cost of heating;

      - the improvement of the general state of health of patients and prevention of colds.

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    • Veloforum 2015

      Kryvyi Rih is one of the few cities in Ukraine that has adopted and is currently successfully implementing the City Bicycle Development Program.

      In addition, City Council, public organizations, business and experts developed the project of the veloconcept of Kryvyi Rih.

      The Institution acts as a coordinator of the traffic of cyclers and organizes a variety of activities aimed at promoting cycling and creating comfortable conditions for cycling in the city.

      One of such events was Veloforum 2015 - an international inter-industry conference between the transport policy, sustainable development and civil society.

      The main organizer of Veloforum is NGO «Association of cyclists of Kyiv», partners are: NGO «Center for Social and Business Initiatives» (Yaremche, Ukraine) and European Bicyclists Federation (Brussel, Belgium) with the support of the European Union.

      The right to take this most celebrated event of the year Kryvyi Rih was selected in a competitive selection of high quality application and the strong support of the City Council.

      Before this, for six years, Veloforum was held in various cities of Ukraine (Poltava, Evpatoria, Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk).

      Purpose of the project:

      - to improve the quality and effectiveness of the policy of cycling support both at the local and national level.

      During two days from 10-th to 11-th of October, in 2015 in the premises of the Kryvyi Rih National University, the participants of the Forum, which turned out to be more than 100 people from different countries - Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Serbia and others and different cities of Ukraine, discussed the actual problems of cycling development, shared the experience of developing urban veloconception and successful local practices.

      By the way, the participants of the event considered some practical aspects of the development of cycling - the organization of cycling, municipal bicycle rental, the publication of a guidebook for cyclists, etc.

      The next day the practicipants rode on the Kryvyi Rih routes -  to the historical and industrial parts of Kryvyi Rih. It was very interesting for all participants.

      Expected results of the project:

      - the increasing community capacity in the development of cycling;

      - the increased attention to the problems of the bicycle movement at the regional and national levels;

      - the creation of a platform for the interaction of the main participants of the bicycle movement (cyclists, City Counsil, business, public organizations, etc.), the effective exchange of experience and dissemination of best practices.

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    • Creation of informational resource "Calendar of events"

      Description of the project:

      Modern Kryvyi Rih is a large industrial city with a strong scientific, industrial, educational, cultural and trade and logistics potential. Recently, thanks to the course of diversification of the economy, the city is gaining popularity in Ukraine and abroad as a center of industrial tourism. Due to this constantly increasing number of guests and tourists. The city regularly holds sports competitions, exhibitions, festivals and other cultural events, including the Ukrainian scale. Enterprises of the city also spend a lot of interesting cultural, educational, sporting and other events. In addition to entertainment, the city regularly hosts international, Ukrainian conferences, forums and trainings. Under the influence of art, culture, science and technology, the area of the city is filled with substantive results of the new creative activity of the inhabitants.

      In this way, Kryvyi Rih offers to the residents and guests of the city many opportunities for recreation, cultural and educational development. However, many inhabitants of our city simply do not know about it, and sometimes they do not have enough information to take part in various events, or simply do not know how to do it.

      Therefore, the project of the creating an information resource «Calendar of Events» will allow collecting and systematizing all information about upcoming and current events in Kryvyi Rih. This makes it (information) as accessible, useful and complete as possible, making it much easier to find leisure opportunities.

      The information resource «Calendar of Events» is a website with an information structure available on the Internet, providing a visual, intuitive understanding of the structure of information on it, a quick and logical transition to sections and pages.

      Purpose of the project:

      Satisfying of the needs of the inhabitants of the city in information about opportunities for conducting meaningful leisure, raising the level of artistic and aesthetic, moral and ethical, national and patriotic values, creating favorable conditions for the development of social, cultural and creative initiatives of the residents of a city.

      Expected result:

      Increasing of the number of inhabitants involved in the cultural and public life of the city. Creating of the opportunity to unite the efforts of organizations in carrying out cultural events; raising of the cultural level and the content of leisure; giving to organizers a free announcement of their activities.

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    • Leipzig prize for integrated urban development in Ukraine

      In December 2016, the Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution received the «Leipzig-Preis für integriete Stadtenwicklung in der Ukraine» award for the development of industrial tourism in Kryvyi Rih in the amount of 1000 EUR.

      This prize is awarded by the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety of Germany (Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit, BMUB) and the Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine (MinRegion Ukraine). The German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH) is responsible for the implementation and organization of the competition.

      Purpose of the project:

      - to support the initiative of the public on the development of the tourist branch in the city;

      - to create a new face of the city - as a center of industrial tourism;

      - to create preconditions for the transition of the city from industrial to post-industrial by means of industrial tourism.

      For the community of the city, this project has a great importance, as the development of the tourism industry is provided by self-employment of the population (as guides), the development of adjacent tourism industries (souvenir production, hotel business, etc.), provides excellent leisure for residents within the city and disseminates the information about its rich potential.

      Expected results of the project:

      - Combining of the efforts of active citizens, academics, authorities, business with the purpose of developing perfect branch for the whole community - industrial tourism;

      - Preservation of monuments of industrial heritage and their using in the format of objects of industrial culture (old mines, pre-revolutionary careers, remnants of industrial objects at the end of XIX century.)

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    • Festival "The Night of Industrial Culture"

      Description of the project:

      Kryvyi Rih is a big industrial city, which is a feature of our region, but today most of the inhabitants of the city, including young people, have a negative attitude to such industrial cities and no to accept the industrial culture as a whole. It stimulates the migration of Kryvyi Rih of youth to other cities of Ukraine and abroad.

      Purpose of the project:

      To hold a big event in the city - the festival «Night of Industrial Culture» aimed at:

      - formation of a positive attitude to the industrial objects of the city - how exciting tourist attractions;

      - spending of festivals in Ukraine with new content, aimed to the  popularization of various industrial trades, techniques, products from metal, etc .;

      - introduction within the city of a recognized European practice of the spending events of the same content (for example of Germany and Poland);

      - increasing of knowledge of inhabitants about the native town, its history, industrial enterprises and branches;

      - popularization of Kryvyi Rih as a center of industrial tourism among the residents of Ukraine and European countries;

      - attraction of tourists to Kryvyi Rih from other regions of the country in order to improve its tourist image.

      Results of the project:

      - The festival was attended by 3,5 thousand residents and guests of Kryvyi Rih;

      - The General Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine Wolfgang Mössinger, the Head of the Economic Department, Development and International Cooperation of voivodeship Silesia  (Poland) Tomash Tadeush Stemplevski, Vice President of the European Industrial Heritage Route (ERIH), Head of the Promotion of the Industrial Heritage of the voivodeship Silesia (Poland), assistant of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium Buriachenko Liliia and guests from other cities of Ukraine (Ternopil, Poltava, Kyiv, Kropyvnytskyi etc.).

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