Brief description 

Kryvyi Rih is a glorious Cossack city where a great amount of public patriotic organizations are functioning. Consolidation of public efforts around popularization and re-erecting of historical Cossack inheritance can become a component of city brand and an additional stimulus for development of industrial tourism.


Paying attention to the glorious Cossack times of Kryvyi Rih region to increase its significance at the national and international level.


- Consolidation of public patriotic organizations for the purpose of revival of historical heritage relating to Cossack times;
- Formation of Cossack schools on the territory of the city; 
- Reconstruction of mass historical events which took place on the territory of Krivyi Rih region during the Cossack period.


- awareness of historical glory of Kryvyi Rih by city residents is formed; 
- the cultural and historical importance of the city is promoted at national and international level;
- focuses of Cossack culture are formed (for example, Cossack schools);

- the cultural, sporting, historically patriotic events are organized on a permanent basis (for example, search of treasures of Zaporizhian Kish (camp);