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Project Description

Kryvyi Rih is an industrial city, where the most buildings are industrial facilities and houses of Soviet time. In order to revitalize the appearance of the city and decorate it with bright, and exciting pictures the City Development Institution has initiated a project "City of bright colors" which provides for creating "street art" pictures on infrastructure facilities of the city. In addition, the project will promote community cohesion and increase the level of patriotism, as it will be implemented with the active participation of the residents who will determine the location of the paintings, sketches and take part in the painting itself.


Street-art is an art, a distinctive feature of which is an urban style. The main part of the street art is graffiti (spray art) but graffiti should not be regarded as street art itself. Street art also includes posters (nonprofit), stencils, different sculptural installations etc. Every detail, shadow, color and line are important in the street art. An artist creates his stylized logo, a "unique sign" and depicts it on the areas of urban landscape. The most important in the street art is not to assign a territory but to draw a viewer into a dialogue and show different scenes.
Project goal is to transform grey humdrum buildings of the city into the "works of art" and decorate the housing and infrastructural objects with "street- art" pictures.


Project Objectives:

- to determine the places in the city which are the best suitable for painting;
- to Enhance the local community, involving the residents into participation at the project as artists, volunteers and assistants;
- to decorate the gray city buildings with colorful pictures;
- to promote love for native city among the population by creating images of patriotic orientation


Expected Results:

- Improvement of the city appearance due to creation of colorful pictures on the city buildings;
- raising patriotic awareness of the population;
- Creating conditions for the development of art-cluster from among the local community.


Now the house №63, in 22 Partzyizdu Street (the part of the building where "Picnic" Shop is located) has become the first housing building under the Project.


The main executives of the project are Yuliya Zenkovych, a lecturer of Arts Department of Kryvyi Rih National University and Darya Ruda, a designer of PU "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution".

While developing the sketches of perspective pictures the Project initiators decided to use bright, saturated pictures and chose Petrykivka, which has been popular in our region from ancient times and recently has been listed to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

All interested are welcome to join the Project!
Contribute your ideas and let's create a City of Bright Colours by our own efforts!