In modern world the social and economic development of the city depends on many factors. A positive image and investment climate of the city are the main ones.
That’s why the development of the City Marketing Strategy is one of top-priorities activities of the City Development Institution.

Kryvyi Rih Marketing Strategy (Branding) consists of two basic elements: 

- Comfortable life environment;
- Favourable conditions for attracting investments and business activities.

Under the Kryvyi Rih Marketing Strategy it is planned to develop the long-term program (Project) of  positive positioning of our city at all levels of national and international co-operation, creation of channels for structural communication of investors and economic entities, taking measures for lobbying the city interests.


The second stage of the project “Calendar of annual events “TOP-100”

The second stage of the realization of the project "Calendar of annual events "TOP-100"on-line voting on the website of the City Development Institution begins.

About the project.
The calendar should become one of the means of disproving an established stereotype about the following: "there is nowhere to go in Kryvyi Rih" that first of all will prove the opposite for the city citizens!

About the formation of the list of events in 2014 for on-line voting.
During the first stage of the project active negotiations with city's NGOs, City Executive Committees, educational establishments, charitable foundations and others were proceeding. They concerned the events which were realized in 2014 and those ones which will take place in 2015.

All in all there were 55 organizations and by messaging in social networks and mass media other organizations also were involving in this project.

We received responses from 11 organizations, 10 departments of the City Executive Committee and 7 District Councils.

However, we emphasize that the project is open and still can be supplemented with information and new events for voting.

Therefore, we have a huge request for all non-indifferent people and organizations. If you visited interesting scale events in 2014, send and leave the name, organizer (if you know) and references to the event at address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / in comments down below.

Take part in the on-line voting and support the most popular events and initiatives!

Calendar of annual events 2015 is a list of good events planned for a year, so let's bring this project into life together!

We count upon your activity!