In modern world the social and economic development of the city depends on many factors. A positive image and investment climate of the city are the main ones.
That’s why the development of the City Marketing Strategy is one of top-priorities activities of the City Development Institution.

Kryvyi Rih Marketing Strategy (Branding) consists of two basic elements: 

- Comfortable life environment;
- Favourable conditions for attracting investments and business activities.

Under the Kryvyi Rih Marketing Strategy it is planned to develop the long-term program (Project) of  positive positioning of our city at all levels of national and international co-operation, creation of channels for structural communication of investors and economic entities, taking measures for lobbying the city interests.


Calendar of annual events in 2015

Do you still consider Kryvyi Rih as an uninteresting city for free time spending and it is necessary to go somewhere to have a great rest, don't you?

Let's plan 2015 year together!

For the first time the City Development Institution initiates the project "Kryvyi Rih – 2015: Calendar of events TOP -100".

The project is aimed at attracting the city residents for direct participation at creating the Calendar of events 2015 by voting and providing an information support of the most popular events and initiatives.

The project will consist of 3 stages:
- gathering the information from NGOs, businesses, local governments concerning the annual events held in 2014 and a tentative plan for 2015;
- identification of the most famous and popular events among the city residents in culture, ecology, sports etc. by means of open on-line voting on the web-site of the City Development Institution;
- formation of a 2015 Calendar of events based on popularity rating of 2014 events among the city residents.

We invite for participation the organizers of apolitical public events (of 300 and more pers.) held in 2014 and if they are planning to continue their activities in 2015.

We invite all citizens to join the project by means of voting and support important and favorite events in our city.