In modern world the social and economic development of the city depends on many factors. A positive image and investment climate of the city are the main ones.
That’s why the development of the City Marketing Strategy is one of top-priorities activities of the City Development Institution.

Kryvyi Rih Marketing Strategy (Branding) consists of two basic elements: 

- Comfortable life environment;
- Favourable conditions for attracting investments and business activities.

Under the Kryvyi Rih Marketing Strategy it is planned to develop the long-term program (Project) of  positive positioning of our city at all levels of national and international co-operation, creation of channels for structural communication of investors and economic entities, taking measures for lobbying the city interests.


The second stage of the project “Calendar of annual events “TOP-100”

The second stage of the realization of the project "Calendar of annual events "TOP-100"on-line voting on the website of the City Development Institution begins.

About the project.
The calendar should become one of the means of disproving an established stereotype about the following: "there is nowhere to go in Kryvyi Rih" that first of all will prove the opposite for the city citizens!

Calendar of annual events in 2015

Do you still consider Kryvyi Rih as an uninteresting city for free time spending and it is necessary to go somewhere to have a great rest, don't you?

Let's plan 2015 year together!

For the first time the City Development Institution initiates the project "Kryvyi Rih – 2015: Calendar of events TOP -100".

Marketing Strategy Project of the City

The economy of Kryvyi Rih city has a monotype structure as larger part of city enterprises are working to meet the demands of mining and metallurgical industries. As a result there are following problems in the city:

- a low level of diversification of economy and development of industries unrelated to the mining and metallurgy complex;

- dependence of basic budget forming industry on the foreign market situation;

- insufficient development of financial markets and as a result there is a low level of the investment instruments usage;

- a low level of implementation of innovative technologies.