Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution actively works in the field of volunteering and helps the defenders of Kryvbas

"You can sit back, do nothing, whine and drink soothing, listening to the howls of sirens, or take yourself in hand and become a volunteer, helping our defenders, thus bringing our victory closer," Hanna Litvinchuk, the head of tourism development of the Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution, said.

Work at the Institute of Development of Kryvyi Rih involves the creation and implementation of projects that would help our city become more comfortable for people's lives. However, we are in a different time now. After the war, we will think about how to make our hometown even better, but now, we must do our best to help those at the front..

Since 2014, many Kryvyi Rih residents have taken an active part in the volunteer movement, weaving camouflage nets for soldiers and buildings, organizing the purchase and delivery of bulletproof vests, helmets, thermal imagers and other much-needed ammunition for our guys at the front.

"What has been happening lately, this war, has come as a shock to many people," said Hanna Litvinchuk, "until recently, they refused to believe that Russia had dared to launch a full-scale attack on Ukraine." Not everyone, for various reasons, can take up arms and shed blood for our freedom, for Ukraine, our way of life, and the very right to be called Ukrainians. However, everyone can help bring the long-awaited victory closer. You don't have to be a military specialist to do this. You just need to have the desire to work, to do something necessary. On the first day of the war, I posted on my Facebook page that people were weaving camouflage nets and needed material and free working hands. At that time, I was sitting at home with my three children and could not go anywhere.  People responded to my request very quickly, and I brought them together with those who make nets. The main problem is that people are not connected. I decided to become a dispatcher and help the volunteer movement.

Since then, the work has spun very quickly. Hanna says that there were about 300 appeals on the first day. Different people of different ages called. Once even the grandmothers called. They said they had sackсloth and other material and suggested using it. Generally, all people said the same thing, "We want to help with something." As a result, I  have found out where their hands are needed, learned who can help and how they see their help. Then came the reposts of my information, and appeals became even more.

As there were people from the opposite parts of the city, and it was difficult for them to get to the city centre, it was decided to organize groups to weave camouflage ammunition on the ground. It has become clear that there are volunteer centres all over the city. They began to organize mainly in schools.

"The experience of working at the Institution helped me a lot, so I could easily find contact with people and knew how to organize this or that process," Hanna said, "literally for 2-3 days of military volunteering, correspondents from "First City" and "Rudana" arrived and shot a video. As a result, more people learned about coordinating volunteer efforts. You do something every day, and it gives you pleasure. It is very important for everyone. First of all, for those who defend our homeland, as well as for those who are volunteers. For the first-mentioned, it allows them to save lives and defeat the enemy, and, for the latter, it allows them to feel their need and to be involved in the colossal struggle that our country and every Ukrainian are waging today for their survival. Additionally, it's a good psychological technique when you do not sit for days, reading military news and worrying, burning your nerves, when you direct your strength and energy in the right direction, thereby unloading your psycho-emotional state. So, dear friends, do not hesitate but think about how you can help in this wartime and join.