Yurii Vilkul, "In Kryvyi Rih, humanitarian aid is provided to residents displaced from dangerous areas and who need support. Social institutions operate on a full-time basis."

The Military Administration of the city of Kryvyi Rih provided humanitarian aid, including clothes, towels, hygiene products, juices and much more, for evacuees from dangerous areas of our city and migrants from other cities who are now in territorial centres.

Acting Mayor, Deputy Chairman of the Kryvyi Rih Defense Council Yuriy Vilkul held a field meeting in the territorial centre of one of the districts of the city.

"Our social services will do everything possible to make the people who were forced to leave their buildings - residents of the Central City, Inhulets, Dovhyntsivskyi districts, and including people from some areas of the Kryvyi Rih district, feel protected. For less mobile people, we have attracted all our territorial centres in which comfortable conditions are created, organized 3 meals a day and round-the-clock service. Also, all humanitarian aid that comes to the territorial centres is provided to people.

"During the war, we intensified the work of our social services to protect especially the most vulnerable segments of the Kryvyi Rih community. Today, it includes more than 12 thousand people who first of all need attention every day, are served at home," Yurii Vilkul said.

"All social structures of providing services to the population today work around the clock. Unfortunately, we have a certain staff shortage, as some workers were evacuated to the western parts of the country. But we have consolidated to qualitatively and quickly solve the tasks so that everyone who needs support can get it.

All territorial centres receive and provide humanitarian aid not only from the city's military administration but also from concerned Kryvyi Rih residents. The wards of the territorial centres do not sit idly by but take an active part in weaving camouflage nets and knitting socks for the military, " Inessa Blahun, Head of the Social Policy Department of the Executive Committee, said.