The beauty and grandeur of the native land impress so much!

The excursion to the Southern Mining and Processing Plant  for photographers and artists organised by CE "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution" left no one indifferent.

The industry's scale is impressive, and it is a strong impetus for creativity. So, the artists shared the vivid emotions felt by them, contemplating the unforgettable landscapes of industrial Kryvbas.

Photographers noticed that from the height of the observation deck, huge cars of three or four human heights resembled ants, and it was simply impossible to see them without enlarging the photo, and even just photos could make people feel the infinite depth of the quarry. The artists, in turn, emphasized the unique colour palette and unique industrial charm, which could inspire the creation of new paintings and creative experiments.

Guests were very grateful for the interesting and informative trip, and CDI stressed that it is extremely important to hold such events for photographers and artists every year.  It develops the city's culture and promotes industrial tourism, the city's level itself through impressive photos on the Internet. The CDI team thanks all participants and wishes inspiration for everyone in complex artistic activities!