It will take only an hour from Kryvyi Rih to Kyiv. Already this summer, we will launch regular flights to the capital from the international Kryvyi Rih airport

So far, the agreements between the airport management and the Ukrainian airline "WINDROSE" on the organization of flights are on their way to the finish line.

The mayor of Kryvyi Rih, Kostiantyn Pavlov, said, “We have preserved the airport, and it remained in international status. And this is not only the prospect of convenient travel for Kryvyi Rih residents, not only the image of Kryvyi Rih but also a great responsibility. Therefore, despite the difficult situation caused by the pandemic, the city allocated financial resources for the modernization of the airport even in 2019. In general, thanks to the funds allocated from the city budget, proximity lights have been installed, a fence has been built under international standards, an apparatus has been purchased to start the engine in the absence of electricity, as well as a clutch measuring device and a luggage loader. The airport is fully ready for flights."

It should be noted that the 13 km-fence installed at the Kryvyi Rih airport meets all aviation safety standards and international rules. It was highly praised by the State Aviation Security Service.

Ihor Lashyn, Director of the International Airport, said, “Negotiations with "WINDROSE" are on their way to the finish line, and we hope that residents and guests of our city will fly to Kyiv from the Kryvyi Rih airport at the beginning of the summer. Importantly, ticket prices will be very affordable and democratic. Over the last 10 years, the city authorities have twice agreed on flights to Kyiv. Yes, they worked for up to one year and were suspended due to low passenger traffic.

Therefore, we encourage Kryvyi Rih residents to fly, because it is not much more expensive than going by train: the first class in "Intercity" costs about the same. In addition, it is much cheaper than travel by car, and it is safer at the same.

Another important point: according to the audit conducted by the airline, Kryvyi Rih International Airport is equipped with everything necessary for both domestic and international flights.

"If tour operators and airlines have a desire, we are ready to accept planes from any country," I. Lashyn summed up.