Investments in medicine: within the framework of the memorandum on AMKR signed by the mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov, a department in the city hospital №2 capital is being overhauled

For the modernization of medical institutions, the city authorities involve both the city budget and the financial resources of investment partners. Thanks to the memorandum on social cooperation signed by the mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov with the management of the ArcelorMittal enterprise, the project on capital repairs of the department in hospital №2 started.

Deputy Mayor Kostiantyn Belikov said, “This is an extremely important medical project. The newly renovated department will meet modern world standards, and for our part, we will try to do everything to ensure that medical care is at a high level.”

It is planned to build a 30-bed ward in which highly specialized care will be provided to patients with the involvement of a team of specialists in related specialities (in particular, maxillofacial surgeons, neurosurgeons, etc.). "After the renovation, we will have a modern department with comfortable conditions for both patients and medical staff," otolaryngologist Viacheslav Sichkar said.

"According to the memorandum with the city administration, Arcelor will direct funds to social projects this year. There will be several areas, and in particular, we will traditionally pay a lot of attention to the field of health care. In such a difficult period, in a pandemic, we consider it our duty to invest in the development of medical infrastructure. The company will finance the repair of the department in 2 city hospitals,” Yulia Chermazovych, HR Director of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, said.

In the conditions of the pandemic, Kryvyi Rih City Clinical Hospital №2 is the only non-COVID institution in the city that provides multidisciplinary emergency care to residents, and the city supports a medical institution.

Every year, the city budget allocates funds for peritoneal dialysis, UAH 1 million. At the expense of the local budget, the premises where the angiograph was installed were reconstructed. Within the framework of the “Stop Heart Attack” program, for the first time in 2020, stroke patients were treated with the actilise drug at the expense of the city. Acquired a laparoscopic rack for endoscopic surgery, repaired MRI machine.