Kryvyi Rih continues the involvement of the EU experts in the development of urban projects

As part of the Strategy of Mayor Kostiantyn Pavlov for the development of Kryvyi Rih, experts from Europe, together with residents of the 4th Zarichny and specialists from city departments, continue to create a comprehensive plan for the improvement of the neighbourhood.

Well-known German urban planner and engineer, Vice President of SFB Stiftung zur Förderung des Bauwesens (Construction Support Fund), Toralf Weise has thirty years of experience in transformation, revitalization of industrial facilities, creation of urban landscapes and public spaces in East Germany, Poland. The expert held several working sessions with residents of the 4th Zarichnyi.

Residents of the 4th Zarichnyi took part in the workshops with Toralf Weise. At previous meetings, they expressed their desire and willingness to actively participate in landscaping activities. The main topic was the consideration of options for creating a multifunctional public space in a wasteland near the school.

The meeting developed specific recommendations. Following the ideas of the residents of the neighbourhood, specialists of the Kryvyi Rih Institute of City Development will create sketches and a 3D concept. It will be submitted to the residents for approval. And only after that will start designing.

Deputy Mayor Serhii Milyutin noted, "Mayor Konstantin Pavlov attracts the best domestic and foreign specialists to create a comfortable and harmonious space in Kryvyi Rih. We use urban planning approaches that have already proven themselves in the world."

Currently, work is underway to restore and create the infrastructure of the neighbourhood. It includes roads for maintenance (garbage removal, the arrival of special vehicles: fire and ambulance) and traffic; fixing the correct boundaries of adjacent territories, as well as zoning of territories.

The German urbanist noted that if the residents themselves are involved in the development and implementation of the project, using the best experience, then from an engineering, urban planning point of view, improvement can be organized, and people will be ready and able to care for the neighbourhood. It should be noted that Kryvyi Rih is the first city in Ukraine to use this approach to implement such a large-scale project throughout the neighbourhood.