The Kryvyi Rih Urban Taste Route: a project to help small and medium business development has been launched

The existence of such a “route” improves the rest of the tourist because the routes consider everything: how to get there, where to settle, where to go, where to eat and drink. In addition, the creation of a tourist map will help to unite large and small producers and arise interest in the products of the region.

At the initiative of the program “Investment and Local Economic Development” of the communal enterprise "Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution", the project “KRYVYI RIH URBAN TASTE ROUTE” has been launched.

Last Friday a workshop was held with the participants of the initiative leader group to form basic competencies and create the organizational structure of the gastronomic tourist route, the formation of personal motivations of the participants of this project.

The purpose of “Route” is to unite and help the development of small and medium-sized businesses: producers of local products and beverages of the Kryvyi Rih agglomeration. Such routes have existed in Europe for a long time and are very popular with tourists.