Yurii Vilkul, “Let's build the city together - applications for participation in the contest of local development projects "Public Budget-2021" will start on August 3”

Project funding is increased from UAH 26 million to UAH 30 million to implement more projects in Kryvyi Rih at the initiative of Mayor Yuri Vilkul, and self-financing is reduced from 5% to 2% for educational and municipal projects, and zero requirements for the youth and social projects.

Kryvyi Rih residents are invited to join the good and useful changes in their hometown. The projects will be divided into four categories: municipal, educational, youth and social. Everyone who has their own ideas and seeks to implement them in their hometown is invited to participate in training, where they will learn in detail about the conditions and stages of the competition "Public Budget". The workshop will take place from July 31 to August 13.

"Let's change our native Kryvyi Rih together! It is very nice and significant that in the "Public Budget 2020", 47% of the total number of participants are 18-35 years old. It is good that young people are active and initiative, offer their vision, their development projects, and the city will help to implement them!" Mayor Yurii Vilkul said.

This year's public budget became a record for the number of voters - almost 81,000 Kryvyi Rih residents. For example, 66.8 thousand city residents voted for the 2019 projects.

This year, 50 winning projects worth 25 million 935 thousand UAH will be implemented in the following areas: 13 educational projects, 11 youth and 26 municipal ones.

The highlight of "PB-2020" is the introduction of the category "youth projects", which did not provide for mandatory co-financing by the authors. This category is becoming increasingly popular and active.

More about the contest here: https://gb.kr.gov.ua/