Residents of Kryvyi Rih spent a useful eco-weekend near the Northern Red Arroyo in Ternivskyi district

The City Development Institution, “Metinvest Green Centre” and “Kryvyi Rih Rock Climbers” united their efforts to organize the event. 76 adults and children gathered to clean the protected area. Together, they collected more than thirty bags of household waste, mostly plastic utensils, bottles, and food packaging.

“This area is green and beautiful, and there are amazing landscapes. Maybe that's why this place is so popular among the residents. It combines industry and nature, the remains of the old railway bridge and a landscape full of rare plants and animals, with the deposits of geological rocks. The purpose of our action is to show that such places need protection,” Hanna Lytvynchuk, a leading specialist of the Kryvyi Rih City Development Institution, said.

After the eco-weekend, all volunteers had an atmospheric lunch, as well as yoga and climbing workshops.

As part of the even, trash cans were installed around the arroyo. Also, installed barriers that will help to prevent vehicles from entering the territory. The organizers hope that in the future visitors will be more aware and responsible with nature.