In Kryvyi Rih, all local schoolchildren will receive a multifunctional "Kryvyi Rih Card"

A pilot project on the organization of accounting for attendance and meals of students of general secondary education institutions has started in Kryvyi Rih. With the help of the universal "Kryvyi Rih Card", students, in addition to free travel on municipal transport, will record their attendance at school and will be able to buy food in school canteens.

Mayor Yurii Vilkul presented the next stage of the “Kryvyi Rih Card” project at the 4th school.

“Thanks to the new services on the Card, the school and parents will be able to control the attendance and meals of their children. Parents will receive SMS messages, and the school administration will collect data on the number of students and attendance of the canteen. This will allow you to control absenteeism and switch to non-cash payments. While two schools are testing new services, and from the new school year all schools will switch to accounting," Yurii Vilkul said.

Specialized school № 4 and school №130 have already started testing the system of accounting for student attendance and meals. At the entrance to the institutions, there are special reading devices (RFID), which are used to fix the student. Students at the entrance and exit will attach the Card to these devices. This is automatically recorded at the school security point, and an SMS is sent to the parents' mobile device or the student's account. All information from the devices is transferred to the database and accumulated by the utility company "Electronic Payments Center" (CEP).

"These are the first schools to test the long-awaited service. We will conduct a daily collection of data on the number of students who attend school and eat for budget and parental funds. Also, we will analyze the data, keep electronic records of school attendance and collect information about any actions of the Student Card. We listen to comments, collect suggestions from parents, teachers and canteen workers. We will take everything into account, and by September 1, on behalf of the mayor Yurii Vilkul, all school services will work," the director of the Center for Electronic Payments Yevhen Kryvenko said.

In Kryvyi Rih there is a municipal project "Kryvyi Rih Card". At the first stage, the electronic card earned as an electronic ticket in municipal transport. More than 54,000 schoolchildren have already received it.